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Complex legacy systems leave airlines ripe for security turbulence

The recent disruption that left American airspace momentarily without a single Delta Air Lines jet was not the result of a security breach, but it...

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Canada’s police chiefs: “We need laws that force cybercriminals to reveal their passwords”

The news that Canada’s police chiefs are advocating for federal laws that would compel individuals to provide electronic passwords with a judge’s consent isn’t sitting...

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Largest ransomware-as-service scheme pulls in US$195,000 a month: Report

Canadians are among those who have fallen victim to a global ransomware-as-a-service scheme which targeted tens of thousands of users in 201 countries and territories...

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Canadian enterprises aren’t prepared for digital transformation: IDC

While Canadian organizations have clued in that digital transformation can be the key for future business success, many firms still lack the requisite digital expertise...

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Initial enterprise wave of Facebook bots fails to impress

More companies are using Facebook chatbots to communicate with customers, but how useful are these tools really going to be for businesses? This month, Icelandair...

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programming languages

How “citizen developers” are driving the next wave of rapid app development initiatives

As applications have become more critical to business success, enterprise developers are under more pressure to deliver useful apps in a more timely fashion. There...

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Why I’m playing Pokémon Go and why you should too

I have a confession to make: I’m brand new to Pokémon Go and barely know what I’m doing. I can’t even speak the language! If...

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Why HPE is focusing on the need for a new computing architecture

Sometime in the 23rd century, a Starfleet Academy instructor leads a class of red shirts across the terrain of an alien world and speaks with...

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Redknee’s strategic review follows major shareholder’s push for sale

Redknee Solutions Inc. is looking at its options. At the top of the week, the Mississauga, Ontario-based provider of real-time monetization and subscriber management software announced...

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Gradual replacement of a legacy system

Sooner or later, most organizations face a problem with legacy systems. Such systems could have outdated or restrictive functionality or they could be very expensive...

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authentication fob

Ashley Madison attack aided by credentials theft: Report

Poor administrator identity and access management controls were at the heart of last year’s huge data breach at Avid Life Media Inc. (now called Ruby...

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Next Generation Technology: A challenge or an opportunity?

Do you have an IT infrastructure plan in place? How does your company implement data analytics? Are you aware of the challenges of big data...

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security and privacy issues

Companies 100 per cent worse in cyber security than 10 years ago, says expert

How much of an uphill battle are CISOs facing? A pretty big one, at least according to the headlines. There's no shortage of reports of...

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Waterloo-based startup focuses on enhanced Wi-Fi in the enterprise

Waterloo, Ont.-based Startup Ubiq Inc.'s new conference room solution launching on Monday can be described as part Apple TV, part digital signage management system. Ubiq's...

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Modern interior of server room in datacenter

Storage in the digital world

According to IDC, the total amount of digital information created and replicated in 2013 surpassed 4.4 Zettabytes, and the size of the digital universe is...

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