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Why security awareness testing can be a risky business

Lance Spitzner is a sneak. His job as an awareness officer is to catch employees engaging in risky IT security behavior, and he’ll do almost...

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Canadian Tire store retail

Canadian Tire money goes digital for analytics makeover

LAS VEGAS -- As loyalty programs go, the iconic Canadian Tire money is hard to beat. Good as cash at any of the retail chain’s stores...

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#FF: Canadian higher ed CIOs take to Tumblr to share ideas

This organization has been around for a long time, but until recently I never knew this particular site existed. It's a great example of taking...

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Rogers launches LTE-Advanced wireless for faster speeds

Rogers Communications has become the first wireless carrier to activate the next generation of technology, called LTE-Advanced, which will roughly double the download speeds users...

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Machine to machine solutions, including telematics in vehicles, are expected to grow significantly

M2M will bring government regulation, predicts IT consultant

The so-called Internet of Things sparks two emotions among security professionals: A certainty that government regulation will be needed to prevent needless deaths, and an...

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Privacy Act goes to committee

The second of the Harper government's pieces of digital legislation has been steadily going through the Senate, but it may now get more public attention because...

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