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Is public or private cloud cheaper? Here’s the answer

Cost reduction was always one of the biggest attractions of cloud computing, but the question has always remained: is it cheaper to do it in-house...

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DDoS attack signals time for a two-tier Internet to boost security: Expert

Last week’s distributed denial-of-service attack that temporarily crippled managed DNS provider Dyn. Inc., customers including Twitter has prompted a security expert to repeat his call...

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Photo by Howard Solomon

Women feel like interlopers among men in IS, SecTor conference told

There are more women working in IT today than in the past, with some having satisfying careers. Six of them headed a panel on gender...

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Courtesy OVH

Why OVH opened the world’s largest datacentre in the Great White North

Pop quiz: Where is the world’s largest datacentre located? Your first guess would be probably be somewhere in Silicon Valley, right? Apparently you’d be wrong....

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Prepare network systems for the upcoming leap second

As if network administrators don't have enough to worry about, keeping their timing right is a big priority. Not timing of the work they do,...

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Ofoffice women in IT, workers, Microsoft

ISACA encourages women in IT to share success stories, leadership

Another group has launched a program to get more women into information technology. The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) has created the Connecting Women...

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Data Security

Data-driven defence will best protect enterprises, says expert

Tunnel vision is a phrase that describes looking too narrowly at a problem. To use a cliché, you don’t see the forest for the trees....

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Mobile Security

Carriers, privacy advocates should work closely on new mobile protocols: Report

Everybody loves video on mobile devices -- users love it because it's entertaining and informative, carrier executives love it because it's lucrative and network administrators...

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Cisco says it has high-accuracy beacon solution

A number of industries including retail are starting to use wireless beacons to locate customers or visitors and push out messages. One problem has been...

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When paying for Wi-Fi pays off

When employees are on the road they want fast connectivity on their mobile devices. They have three choices: Free Wi-Fi in hotels and coffee shops,...

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Leadership 250pxl

10 qualities of successful IT leaders

Leadership is both a challenge and a blessing. It is transformational in its core essence. It is a unique opportunity to get a vision from abstract...

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BlackBerry DTEK60 with box

BlackBerry launches DTEK60 as it forges ahead with new hardware strategy

BlackBerry is releasing its first smartphone since announcing it will no longer be designing and making its own smartphones, the Waterloo, Ont.-based firm confirmed on...

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stakeholders working together as a team

CIOs, CISOs have to work together

CIOs and CISOs can be good friends, but that doesn't mean they get along when it comes time to marshaling resources and setting priorities. Typically...

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10 challenges facing IT leaders in a startup

As an IT leader appointed to manage in various contexts and environments, I had to face multiple concurrent challenges and address. From my perspective, challenges...

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Canadian CIOs react to Gartner’s digital platform vision

Building a digital platform should be a CIO's top priority, Gartner Inc. analysts told their audience at the Gartner Symposium this week in Orlando. This...

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Calvin Gotlieb, Canadian computing pioneer

Calvin C. (Kelly) Gotlieb, a founder of the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) and a pioneer of computing in this country has died. A professor...

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