CanadianCIO Census 2015

CanadianCIO Census: The Collaboration Imperative

Discover the challenges being faced by your peers across a variety of issues and how they are dealing with them; from outsourcing and staffing to mobility through to executive influence.

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Summary Findings
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Press Release

CanadianCIO Census 2015: The Collaboration Imperative
CIOs who collaborate more effectively with other leaders and deploy more collaboration technologies are better able to demonstrate the value of IT, be viewed as a strategic part of the business, and respond more effectively to changing business priorities.
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CanadianCIO Census 2014

Key findings include:
Collaborating With Others is Increasingly Important – senior IT leaders play on a variety of teams, across functions, across organizations, and across the C-suite.

Playing Strong Offense and Defense is a Must – IT leaders highlighted the importance of being a strong two-way player, capable of increasing upside and reducing downside of risks and delivering on value, innovation and ROI.

CIOs Play to their Industries – aligning strategies and tactics by sector.

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