Project Management News From The Past Week December 5th 2010

Hi Everybody:

Here is my selection of items that have appeared on theinternet on project management in the past week:


List of MastersDegrees in Project Management Launched

New website that lists universities offering a Mastersdegree in project management is launched:


Hold the Champagne

The importance of the post project review process:


Getting IT ProjectsBack on Track

Recognising that a project is off track and what to do aboutit:


Wikileaks: Issues inGerman Funding of Afghan Projects

Wikileaks reveals issues in US expenditure of German fundsfor Afghanistan projects:


UK Teachers GetProject Management Training

Provided by many large UK based IT companies:


Defence is Failing toDeliver

The top 22 major defence projects in Australia are up to 10years late and $8bn over budget:


White HouseEstablishing Security Standards For Cloud

Standards are due to be released in the new year for cloudcomputing suppliers to the US government:


RailCorp Projects$41m Over Budget

Australia’s RailCorp is facing investigation of its ITproject management:


NASA ProjectManagement Criticised

Report from the Government Accountability Office is criticalof NASA project management practices:


Tips On ProjectFailure

Based on the Devil’s Triangle approach:



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