I’ll try this again
Last week when I wrote an advancer for the CRTC-Globalive Wireless ruling, the commission announced a one-week delay just after I hit the 'Publish' button. My idea was to set up readers on the background for a decision the day before it came out so you'd know what issues are at stake.  I'm trying again. The ruling is now set to come out tomorrow (Thursday) and hopefully it won't get short-circuited. Globalive chairman Anthony Lacavera is also hoping the commission won't short-circuit his dream of leading another national wireless carrier. I won't hazard a guess at what the commission will rule, but as I suggested in my piece Globalive has handed it quite an explosive package. Lacavera and Orascom Telecom chief Naguib Sawiris have said that wasn't their intention, but because they've been unable to find Canadian investors that's what's happened.
This ruling could mark a significant change in foreign investment in the telecommunications sector as well as affecting competition. We've set up a Foreign Ownership Forum  to hear your opinions on this sensitive topic. Please take a few minutes either today or after tomorrow's decision — which will be posted here as soon as it's released by the CRTC — to sound off.

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