Fluke updates Visual Performance Manager

Fluke Networks today announced global availability of VisualPerformance Manager 4.0, the latest version of its performancemanagement system. Visual Performance Manager 4.0 improves delivery ofbusiness services by pinpointing the root cause of networkedapplication performance issues with a new high-end ApplicationPerformance Solution and a patented software analytics engine.

Benefits of the new version are said to be easy identification ofwhich applications are performing poorly with quick drill down abilityto pinpoint why, elimination of finger pointing between groups throughindividual client/application response metrics, and simplifiedtroubleshooting and reduced mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) of multi-tierapplications by visibly time-correlating the transactions of themultiple tiers.

In addition to providing faster analysis throughthe new Application Performance Appliance, Fluke said VisualPerformance Manager 4.0 also offers a new intelligent alarm view which“learns” based on real-world data. The alarm information is presentedas a single, unified view from data sources such as Visual PerformanceManager Analysis Service Elements (ASEs) and the ApplicationPerformance Appliance.

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