Change management and soft skills

Thisweek`s resource selections tackles changes management and building upyour “soft skills”. I’ve enjoyed reading Peter de Jager for many yearsand highly recommend visiting his site regularly plus subscribing tohis newsletter. I’m also pleased to highlight some new risk research bythe SEI organization, they’ve produced another must read for the ITprofession.


Have another great week.


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Managing Change
Thereis no management activity more misunderstood, abused and ignored thanthe act of implementing Change. Some have even suggested that thephrase “Change Management” is an oxymoron. These articleshave a single purpose, to transform the act of Managing Change fromsomething we dread, to something we approach with skill, insight,wisdom and an increased chance of success.

Management and soft skills
Ifwe’re managers, then regardless of our title we are responsible formanaging people. This means that those skills known as “Soft Skills”,the ones supposedly difficult measure are your biggest asset. If I’m aproject manager then my success at delivering projects on time haslittle to do with my knowledge of project management technology andnearly everything to do with my ability to manage a group of peopleinto a high performance team working together to meet that deadline.Ultimately, soft skills deliver hard benefits

IT Audit Reference Library
The Reference Library provides useful online resources to the auditor looking for specific IT-related information.

The Board Blog: Lead, Contribute, or Get Off the Board!
Read more here.

Rethinking risk management for software-intensive systems
Current SEI researchis focused on systemic risk management—top-down, system-orientedanalyses of risk in relation to program objectives—which is bettersuited to managing risk in distributed environments.

Systemic Risk Management: Twenty Question for Program Managers
Everyprogram manager should be able to answer basic questions about theirprogram’s risk and chances of success. In this just released document, Systemic Risk Management: Twenty Questions for Program Managers, you can use the broad-based questions to quickly assess the basic health of your program.

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