Nikki and Jennifer were 30-something best friends in Polk County, Iowa. They were planning a party. Jennifer asked Nikki to create a Facebook event page for the party. Nikki did.
As the day of the party approached, there was tension between the two friends. Many of the invitees were clicking the decline button. It wasn’t going to be the party of the century. It risked being a stinker.
Jennifer blamed Nikki. She posted some nasty things on Nikki’s wall. Nikki, miffed, defriended Jennifer with a single click.
Where is this story headed?
A) A shrieking, hair-pulling fight at their next encounter?
B) A reconciliation, and some sad chuckles over how ridiculously they’d been behaving?
C) Jennifer Christine Harris, 30, of Des Moines, sitting in a jail cell with bail of $100,000, accused of attempting to burn down the home of Nikki Rasmussen and family?
It’s Facebook. So you know it’s C.
Yes, Harris is alleged to have set fire to the garage of the Rasmussen home, according to Time magazine’s online edition. The roof of the garage fell in, some siding on the house melted, but there were no injuries, the Rasmussens being fortunate enough to have been awakened by an explosion before it was too late.


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