A Somali Pirate responds

In the wake of the conviction of four Swedish file-sharers behind Pirate Bay, the blog site Somali Pirate Blog condemns the four for usurping the word “pirate.”

“We, the true pirates, are upholding a tradition of actual piracy.The violent kind. With weapons, booty, boats, and hostages,” the blogreads. “We are demanding that the press stop describing internet kidswho send movies to each other ‘pirates’ … The day we see a movieexecutive on the high seas is the day we take him hostage and show himwhat real piracy looks like.”

In related news, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewartsays that with the rise of maritime privacy off the Somali coast, thosewho share music and movie files illegally will have to go back to theiroriginal name: Thieves.