Microsoft is offering some assurance to system administrators worried about Windows 8 Pro going south: The ability to go back to Win7 or Vista

WinPro 8 can be downgraded — but not to XP
When Windows Vista came out in 2007, Microsoft Corp. thought it was doing system administrators a favour: The new desktop OS required admin OK before users could make certain changes.
Some favour: Many administrators rebelled after being overwhelmed by users who demanded approval for changes and switched PCs back to Windows XP.
Although the release of Windows 7 was considerably smoother, sysadmins worried about next month’s release of Windows 8 should be reassured: This report from ComputerWorld U.S. outlines that they can “downgrade” to Win7 or Vista if they’re unhappy.
As the article details, it’s not a simple process to go back to an earlier version of Windows — for one thing, it’s not a roll-back like System Restore. The IT department is responsible for getting the previous version. But sysadmins may find some comfort in the fact that they still have flexibility.
If you want to take the Windows 8 preview for a drive, click here.
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