Wi-LAN 12Mbps Hopper Plus 120-24 Ethernet Bridge

Wi-LAN Inc. released its 12Mbps Hopper Plus 120-24 Ethernet Bridge, ideal for fixed wireless access service providers looking to offer high-speed wireless Internet access or implement backhaul solutions.

It is built with Wi-LAN’s patented Multi-code Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (MC-DSSS) technology, for enhanced spectral efficiency, security, reliability and scalability. MC-DSSS technology increases data transfer rates and is key to effective data throughput of 8Mbps, between one-and-a-half and two times faster than competing products.

Pricing for the Hopper Plus 120-24 Ethernet bridge (www.wi-lan.com) is US$2,695. Wi-Lan in Calgary can be reached at (403) 204-7788.

Prices listed are in US currency.