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They understand that cloud computing could bring cost savings and efficiencies, but some Canadian chief information officers still aren’t ready to open up processes and data to third parties.
In the fourth of five segments in our latest episode of the CIO Canada Debate, we asked our guests about security. Obviously this has been the No. 1 barrier to adoption so far, but getting at more of the detailed concerns is important as the industry tries to move forward. 
“I don’t really think there’s a standard in place yet,” said Carlos Silva, IT director at Ontario Clean Water Agency. “If there’s no standard, sorry, you don’t get my business.”
David Rea, senior vice-president at Innovapost, suggested some of the fears around security and privacy are overblown.
“Because so many of the cloud providers are in the States, there’s this sense that your data has gone to the big, bad wolf,” he said.  “I think you should approach this as you would any data security or privacy issue. You’ve got encryption, you’ve got (to look at) who has access to the data.”
For more, see the clip below.
Watch our complete episode on cloud computing here: The CIO Canada Debate

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