hikes price of app security review

Starting September 1, customers will be paying a higher price for an initial security review of their paid apps for AppExchange.

The company said it is jacking up the price of the security review, which is a requirement for partners listing apps on the AppExchange, from $300 to $2,700, a blog post on the Web site said. The increase will not affect partners with free applications and the annual listing fee will still be $150 per app.
“All of the revenue from the price change will be reinvested back into the review process,” according to the software-as-a-service vendor. “…With these changes, we are able to dedicate more resources to the security review process, significantly reducing wait times for partners with apps in security review while also delivering security and trust our customers expect.”


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The company said revenue from fees will also be used to provide partner education around security and trust throughout the app design process as well as increase operational support to prevent unnecessary delays during the security review.


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