Outlook.com preps for mass Hotmail migration

Microsoft Corp. announced today that the preview phase of Outlook.com is over and that it will be migrating users of Hotmail to the new Web mail service in time for summer.

New comers to Outllook.com will find a more pleasing modern interface compared to the crowded 1990s style Hotmail interface.

The new Web service also integrates with popular social media sites Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well a user’s Windows Live account.

Outlook.com retains Hotmail some useful Hotmail tools such as Sweep and Categories but also links with revamped Microsoft online services such as SkyDrive and People.

Tired of seeing online ads on your email service? Microsoft says users will be viewing 60 per cent less ads on Outlook.com than on Hotmail.


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Should you rename your account or create a new alias for Outlook.com?

Microsoft provides users with the option of changing their Hotmail email to an Outlook.com address.

However, these might not be such a wise move if you are using a Windows Phone, Windows 8 PC or an Xbox. If a user’s Hotmail address doubles as a primary Microsoft account which is used to sign in to these devices. In such a situation, renaming an email address to an Outlook.com domain will require reconfiguring device log ins.

An easier workaround would be to create a new Outlook.com email address using an alias. Outlook allows users to set-up an alternative email address called aliases which deliver email to the same inbox as your primary account. Users can use the alias as their default address but still receive email sent to their old address.

Find out more about migrating from Hotmail to Outlook here


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