Our week in blogs: Cope at the Bat

The big story this week was, of course, the collapse of the deal that would privatize Bell Canada Enterprises. The thumbs-down from auditors KPMG allowed potential buyers to back down with dignity. Network World editor Greg Meckbach followed the story, but there’s a tortured poet inside him. Who knew? (Actually, we all did. Greg is one of the foremost practitioners of the art of the IT-related haiku.) His take on the saga, based on the venerable Thayer poem Casey at the Bat, is a must-read for lovers of telecommunications and fine verse.

While we’re being literary, read editor-in-chief Shane Schick’s anti-review of the new Malcom Gladwell tome, Outliers. “Its premise goes against everything I like to think about how you achieve success, including as an IT professional,” Schick writes. That doesn’t mean he won’t like it.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, we took securing out-of-commission hard drives to a new level with Jim Drohan of Vernon Technologies. Check out our video demo of the Vernon Crusher, which pneumatically stomps old hard drives into irrecoverability.

Computerworld Canada’s Kathleen Lau has been following the effect of the slumping economy on IT management since the bottom fell out of the market. Her unique take: whether IT can innovate when the purse-strings are being held tight might depend on how we define innovation. Read about it in her Ahead of the Curve blog.

A Computer Associates study says that due to attrition, we may begin losing mainframe pros at an alarming rate. Read about it in Briony Smith’s Career Corner blog. And an outraged Sharky wonders exactly how thick Web users are in the wake of Google’s report on the most-searched terms in Canada.

Read them all in IT World Canada Blogs.

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