Open Sesame

In this computerized, security-conscious era, it’s not too big a stretch to say that passwords practically run our lives. We have passwords for our computers, for individual software programs, for Web sites, for voice mail, for banking…and it doesn’t stop there. Keeping track of them all is becoming a daunting challenge.

Well at last, there’s help for the password-weary. EmmaSoft’s Darn! Passwords! is a Windows utility that remembers all your computer passwords for you. You remember just one password, and that lets you in to the Darn! Passwords! “safe,” in which all the others are securely stored. When you want to open a protected program or Web site, Darn! Passwords! supplies the correct password to get you in.

Priced at US$14.95, Darn! Passwords! can also be accessed by multiple users. For more information, visit