Network equipment maker partners with analytics company to offer a suite of applications that can draw intelligence from reams of routing data

Juniper offers service providers big data analysis

Service providers have at least one thing in common: they are great repositories of communications data.

Juniper Networks now has a way operators can get at that pile of numbers with what it calls the Junos Network Analytics suite, a group of big data analytic applications for Juniper or other companies’ routers.

The network equipment maker partnered with Guavus Inc., a creator of analytic solutions, to create applications providers can use to optimize their routing network assets and increase revenue opportunities. Ultimately it hopes the information will attract and retain customers.

“Junos Network Analytics harnesses the power of big data to bring near real-time information to service providers that will scale to their needs and provide a complete business insight solution for IP and MPLS networks,” Robert Krohn, senior vice president of Juniper’s edge software business unit, said in a release. “Collaborating with Guavus allows Juniper Networks to provide customers with dynamic solutions that complement Juniper’s existing portfolio.” 

The first two apps are                           

–BizReflex, a network analytics engine and dashboard for business decision makers that shows how customers, peers and prospects interact with the network.

Juniper said it extracts and analyzes information from edge and core routers to allow operators to segment enterprise customers according to their respective value and price services accordingly, improving margins and customer retention. It also allows service providers to identify high-value prospects and acquire new customers more efficiently.
According to a Juniper product sheet on BizReflex, data sampled from the network is analyzed and processed in near real time and continuously streamed to a dashboard, where there is only a gap of one hour (due to the analysis process) between an event occurring and its analysis.

After processing, the results of the analysis—not the raw data—are stored to allow detailed historical analysis and trending;

–NetReflex, which Juniper said provides network architects and operations staff with detailed traffic trends and analysis for IP and MPLS networks.
Junos Network Analytics extracts network flow data and routing tables from Juniper routing platforms or other third-party vendor routing platforms, the company said, and displays information on a dashboard.  
Subscription-based pricing, measured in flows per second, will be released next month. 

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