IT pros missing out on salary bump

How much are your tech skills and experience worth?

Much more than what you’re likely to settle for, according to a recent survey by technology talent hiring firm

The company, which helps connect employers from around the world with the IT talent they need, said their survey of 839 hiring managers and recruiters indicate that more than half of tech professionals accept the first salary offer they get.

Candidates are losing out, said, because according to respondents five per cent is the average bump from the initial offer is what tech professionals usually get when they negotiate.

“That’s remarkable and costly” when you do the math, Tom Silver, senior VP of is his regular Web site post, Dice Report.


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“The average salary for IT professionals I n North America is $85, 619,” according to Silver. “In year one, not haggling costs $4,300 on average.”

However, aside from that other items such as performance pay and bonuses are calculated as a percentage of salary.

Most candidates avoid haggling because of fear, according to the recruiting firm.

“When fear creeps into a negotiation or stops it all together, it’s good to remember negotiation is simply a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement,” Silver said. “Both sides want an agreement – and only 18 per cent of hiring managers said companies rarely or never change their initial offer.”

At least 33 per cent of hiring managers also said raising salary offers is a “frequent” or a “very frequent occurrence.”


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