Intel’s SSDs get smaller

Intel Corp. is gunning for the red hot mobile device market with a new line smaller solid-state drives (SSD) aimed at makers of smart phones and tablets.

The SSD 525 line, according to Intel, is a as powerful as standard 2.5 inch SSD but is one eight of the size of their older counterparts.

The drives use mini-SATA connectors that enable them to be plugged into smaller PCIe slots common in notebooks and yet allow them to give out full SATA 6GB/s data rate.

The new drives will come is 30GG, 60GG, 120GB, 180GB, and 240GB, sizes and will use the same 25nm memory architecture found in Intel’s larger SSDs. The series will offer 50,000 I/O operations per second of random read speed, 550MB/s of sequential read and 80,000 IOPS random write and 520MB/s sequential write.


Intel offering newer, faster enterprise SSD
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The 120GB and 180GB drives are already shipping.

Intel is hoping that the SSD 525 line will help the company’s presence felt more in the smart phone and tablet markets where its processors are not widely used.

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