Devices enabled with the WiGig standard may be only months away from production after a demonstration at the annual Intel developers conference

Intel shows potential of multi-gigabit wireless
It’s been said many times that the future is wireless. And more wireless devices are being sold than ever before. But the truth is that only when wireless speeds come closer to wireline will the prediction be really true.
At the annual Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco on Thursday, the chipmaker showed the potential of the next-generation of Wi-Fi — Wireless Gigabit — that will make that saying come closer to reality. This story from ComputerWorld U.S. details some of what was demonstrated.
(Al Sadri, left, chairman of the WiGig Alliance, shows Intel CTO Justin Rattner a WiGig-enabled device)
WiGig offers the potential of transfering data between devices at up to 7 Gigabits a second over the unlicenced 60 GHz band.
It will be a few months before you’ll see products on the market, because certification of the standard from the IEEE is expected in the middle of next year. However, pre-production devices are expected to be demonstrated at the annual CES electronics show in Las Vegas in January.
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