A Massachusetts-based software and firmware maker says it could give mobile devices the capability to dual-boot the Windows RT and Android operating systems, according to this article by PC World. Insyde Software says it could provide the firmware and software tools needed to accomplish this and says it has seen interest in the idea from some chip makers.

Insyde’s UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) would indeed make it possible to boot a tablet into either operating system, according to an analyst quoted in an article. But it’s unclear what kind of boot system Microsoft will incorporate into its RT devices, which it says will come pre-loaded with the operating system.

And the bigger question would be whether such a setup would appeal to end-users. It’s fairly common to see dual-boot Windows and Linux desktop systems, but the tablet market is perhaps not mature enough to give an indication of whether a similar feature on mobile devices would be of interest to anyone but certain developers.