IBM launches backup

IBM recently introduced software that continuously backs up files on workstations, laptops and servers.

The IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files creates a copy of any data that changes and sends it over the IP network to a centralized server. When users need to recover files that might have been accidentally deleted, they can grab them from this central server.

According to IDC, 60 per cent of the data on the network is stored on desktops and laptops rather than on data centre servers.

The software will not eliminate the need for nightly backups — even though files represent a large portion of the data on the network, there is still the database and other data that needs to be protected. For that data, IBM has Tivoli Storage Manager.

Continuous data protection products have become plentiful on the market. Microsoft and Symantec have products that allow near continuous data protection for files. Revivio offers continuous protection for all types of data. A number of start-ups such as Mendocino Software, Mimosa and XOsoft also offer continuous data protection software.

IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files is available for US$35 per laptop or desktop and US$995 per server processor.

QuickLink: 055774

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