Why are Canadian organizations relatively timid when it comes to signing up for cloud services? A Canadian entrepreneur who started his own cloud services company has an explanation

How cloudy is it in Canada?
Everyone knows that Canadian organizations aren’t embracing cloud services as eagerly as their counterparts in some countries. That’s partly because of our conservative adoption of technology, and partly because of concerns that data held outside of Canada is seen by many customers as less secure than if it is held within our borders.
There’s another reason says Reuven Cohen, founder of a Toronto cloud service bought just over a year ago by a U.S. firm: The high cost of data. In this piece for Forbes, written after attending a cloud computing conference in Ottawa, Cohen (pictured) lays the blame for our cloud sluggishness at the feet of big carriers. I’m not sure it’s the right target.
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Data caps may be inhibiting cloud computing for business-to-consumer applications, but it shouldn’t be an obstacle to B2B efforts. However, security and meeting the obligations of privacy legislation are legitimate concerns. The cloud industry does itself and Canadian businessness no favours by slighting these worries.
Let us know what you think the impediments are to cloud computing here.
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