Designer has cure for what ails IT

In information technology, it’s not the job but how the job is done that causes the most injuries.

Cramped office conditions, bad chairs and poorly-placed keyboards and mousepads have not only conspired to create a new class of “white collar” workplace injuries, they’ve also helped to line the pocketbooks of chiropractors and ergonomic equipment designers.

In fact, according to the Canadian Occupational Safety and Health Association, one in six computer users will sustain an injury within five years of use. But Richard Holbrook says he’s found a way around the pain that results from hours of endless sitting.

Holbrook is a southern California-based designer who has spent the last seven years of his career specializing in creating new and, more importantly, comfortable forms of office furniture. He was in Toronto last month to attend IDEX/NeoCon Canada, a major conference for the interior design and facilities management industry.

A computer user himself