CIRA voting for new board begins


The head of an association of Internet providers, a prominent Internet law professor and a telecommunications lawyer who has acted for Wind Mobile’s parent company are among the 22 people running for the board of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority

Voting only began Wednesday and goes until Sept. 26 to elect a new board for the authority, which oversees the administration of the .ca domain name registry.

Only .ca members are eligible to vote.

CIRA’s nominating committee recommended a slate of eight names that include Bill Sandiford, president of the Canadian Network Operators Consortium (CNOC), which represents some of the country’s biggest independent ISPs. He also heads Oshawa’s Telnet Communications.

The nominating committee also recommended lawyer Hank Intven, one of the team of lawyers who represented Globalive Wireless Management in its licencing fight before the CTRC in 2009.

Intven has a wide range of experience including acting as former general counsel to the Canadian Consumers Association and as executive director for telecommunications a the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

At the moment he’s adjunct professor for communications law and policy at the University of Victoria’s law school.

CIRA members also nominated a slate of 14 persons, including University of Ottawa Internet law professor Michael Geist; Marc Gaudrault, CEO of ISP Teksavvy Solutions; former CIRA board member and Trinity West University math sciences professor Rick Sutcliffe; current board members Victoria Withers, Jim Grey and Lynne Mackan-Roy.

The full list of nominees and their reasons for running is here.

Michael Geist’s blog on why he is running is here.

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