What Great Telecom Managers Know

By: Roger Yang
(May 2005)

If there is one thing Roger Yang knows, it’s what goes on inside the heads of telecom managers. That is why the founder and CEO of the Toronto-based Avema Corp., a telecom expense management firm, authored the recently released book entitled “What Great Telecom Managers Know: How to get the recognition you deserve by demonstrating your value and ROI.”

“I realized there weren’t any books like this [on the market]. Telecom people say there aren’t many resources available to them on professional development and how to go forward with their careers,” Yang said. Telecom management is a fairly niche type of profession but it is an important enough position to warrant more resources, he added.

The 160-page tome is intended to provide guidance and resources to help telecom managers succeed, and inform readers on how to manage wireless costs such as using modern software tools to do tasks like checking telephone bills.

His book also outlines how to optimize return on investment (ROI) through reducing costs and achieving goals in terms of revenue and productivity.

The book would also give senior company management a better appreciation of what telecom management entails.

Yang interviewed hundreds of telecom managers over a year. The majority of them were from North America. But the role of the telecom manager across the globe was more or less the same, he said.

“What surprised me was there is so much in common. One of three said telecom billing [and] handling invoices is the one thing they would like to get rid of the most. Also, the most common response about what they enjoy most about their job is the variety that it brings,” he said.