LG G6 Review – LG’s best phone yet


    LG is taking a big swing with the G6. Is it time to start putting LG in the premium smartphone maker category alongside Apple and Samsung?

    This week on All Hands on Tech, Alex is back with the LG G6 to give his review. LG has created a truly beautiful device after ditching the gimmicky designs of its past devices. Plus, an enhanced camera that outshines the Galaxy S8 and new aspect ratio is sure to turn heads. Check out our full review in the video above.

    The LG G6 is available now in Canada at all the major carriers across the country. It can be purchased for as little as $0 to $199.99 depending on the carrier on contract. To purchase the phone outright, it can be purchased for $999.99 from Rogers and Bell, or the lower price of $839 from Freedom Mobile.

    Last week on All Hands on Tech we took a look at the Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s often forgotten that the Galaxy S7 was considered by many to be 2016’s best smartphone. And with the Galaxy S8, Samsung is right back on track. Check out our first impressions of the device, and stay tuned for a full review closer to the April 21 release date.