HP re-designs the toner cartridge on new MFP printers


    Hewlett-Packard has to changes as much as 70 per cent of the technology sitting in the toner cartridge to come up with the other technological advances found in the company’s new line of multi-function laser jet printers.

    Much of the re-engineering had to do with the machines’ toner cartridges.

    The toner cartridges also come with a chip that allows the machine to identify if the cartridge being loaded is genuine, counterfeit or a refilled one. Users have the option of “locking-in” cartridges so that they work only with a certain machine to prevent cartridge theft.

    HP also had to go down to the toner particle level to achieve faster printing speeds while keeping down energy consumption.

    The new ColorSphere 3 toner is more durable, lasts longer and requires a lower temperatures to get ink on the page.The printer doesn’t need to heat up more, so it saves power and is able to start printing right away.

    This means the printers won’t  need to heat up more. It is able to save power and start up faster.