The year that was … 2010

YEAR IN REVIEW: January 2010
Fretting about Oracle, attacks on Google and Adobe and rumours of a mysterious device kicked off 2010

YEAR IN REVIEW: February 2010
Apotheker resigns, Windows 7 hangs and Facebook faces a class action suit. How February 2010 went down

YEAR IN REVIEW: March 2010
Galanis steps in, Mulcahy steps down, and Gonzales gets time. The IT highlights of March 2010

YEAR IN REVIEW: April 2010
Apple unveils the iPad, Father of Java James Gosling resigns Oracle, Palm is put up for sale, Canadian privacy commissioner sends scathing letter to Google. What went down in April 2010

Dell announces its Streak table, rivals AMD and Intel release new chips, Mozilla CEO John Lilly quits, Symantec buys VeriSign. The IT news highlights of May 2010

Apple announces iPhone 4, AMD unveils the Lisbon chip, Microsoft releases Office Web apps, Google is slapped with class-action lawsuits. What went down in June 2010

Apple deals with iPhone 4 reception flaw with free case, Dell buys Scalent, EMC buys GreenPlum, OpenSolaris governing board threatens to quit. What went down in July 2010

YEAR IN REVIEW: August 2010
RIM faces trouble in the Middle East, Oracle takes Google to court, and HP CEO Mark Hurd steps down. Plus, Dell and HP get into a bidding war

YEAR IN REVIEW: September 2010
This month Research In Motion made it clear there’d be a Canadian entry in the tablet computer race, we found how spooky spooks can be and how smart Cambridge, Ont. is

YEAR IN REVIEW: October 2010
The month was marked by Microsoft’s new mobile OS, the appointment of a bunch of new CEOs, and some major announcements from Canada’s privacy czar. Plus, ComputerWorld Canada’s first ever IT Leadership Awards

YEAR IN REVIEW: November 2010
This month saw Novell get bought by a relatively unknown tech firm from Seattle, Apple discontinuing its Xserve product line, and a slew of Toronto-based tech events. Plus, the Industry Minister gives an update on the Canada’s telecom foreign ownership rules

YEAR IN REVIEW: December 2010
The month featured a new Google OS, the continuation of the WikiLeaks story, and talk of another wireless spectrum auction. Plus, rumours swirled around Microsoft’s next move in the tablet market