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Musk’s X/Twitter grants “verified” status to Hezbollah terrorists

Elon Musk’s platform X, previously known as Twitter, has come under scrutiny for providing premium services, including verification, to accounts associated with controversial groups and individuals, including leaders of Hezbollah and other entities sanctioned by the United States.

Hashtag Trending Jan.11- OpenAI’s GPT store; AI and disinformation top WEF’s list of global risks; Research links brain cells to computer chip

It’s here – OpenAI has launched the GPT store and I have more questions than answers at this point. AI and disinformation make it...

X suspends prominent “leftist” journalists

The platform formerly known as Twitter, now referred to as “X,” recently suspended several prominent journalists and leftist figures without explanation.

Hashtag Trending Dec.15- Dropbox’s new AI feature raises privacy concerns; Intel’s AI-enabled chip for PCs; X’s ad revenue continues to plunge

Dropbox communication slip up has users thinking their AI search may compromise their privacy, Intel launches its AI enabled chip for PCs. What might...

X (Twitter) ad revenue drops to new lows

X’s ad revenue struggles amid boycotts. Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) is facing a significant downturn in advertising revenue.

Hashtag Trending Dec.4-AWS has ‘choice’ of AI for your infrastructure; Broadcom pushes RTO; Elon Musk drop the F bomb on advertisers

AWS holds their annual re:Invent and announces that “choice” is here on AI for your infrastructure.  Return to office is dead – but not...

Walmart drops ads from X/Twitter

On December 1st, Walmart announced it is no longer advertising on social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, now owned by Elon Musk.

Hashtag Trending Dec.1 Microsoft joins OpenAI’s board; Google Drive’s missing files unsolved; Study finds that AI’s still dumb

Microsoft becomes a board member of OpenAI, Google Drive unveils a new homepage to find files faster, while the mystery of the missing files...

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