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Windows 10 Mobile no longer supports mobile devices – now what?

It’s what enterprise IT aims for in mobility management, with the ultimate goal of limiting the frequency new systems have to be applied and reducing the learning and adoption curve of a new system.

Mobility at work: iOS retains dominance in enterprise space

Organizations need to look for enterprise mobility management solutions that are device agnostic

Microsoft lines up developers for Windows Phone 7

There have been 300,000 downloads of its developer tools, according to Microsoft. What this means for Microsoft

What does Kin’s fate say for Windows Phone 7?

OPINION: The Kin debacle demonstrates Microsoft's mismanaged mobile strategy and could affect the success of Windows Phone 7

Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 7 software

The Windows Phone 7 Series interface has "hubs" gathering functions related to people, pictures, office or games. Find out all the details from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

How the Vancouver Olympics converged its network

Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. is running the network for this year

Nexus One maker still sees potential in Windows Mobile 7

While HTC sees Nexus One as a boon for its brand and sales of Android smartphones in general, it still believes Windows Mobile 7 will be a winner. Find out why the handset maker is supporting both platforms

Round Table: 2009 in the rearview mirror, Pt. 1

At the end of 2009, IT World's editorial staff sat down and rehashed the significant stories of the year. In the first of this five-part series, we focus on competition in the wireless and mobile markets

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