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Hashtag Trending Sep.22- OpenAI splurges on Red Teaming; New open source GitHub competitor; Cisco-Splunk deal

OpenAI splurges on Red Teaming as AI regulators intensify scrutiny, one company launches an open source GitHub competitor, Cisco makes a billion dollar acquisition,...

Hashtag Trending Aug.25-Nvidia’s jaw-dropping earnings; T-Mobile axes 5000 jobs; Microsoft rumoured to bring AI to Windows 11

Nvidia reports blowout earnings, T-Mobile cuts 5000 jobs, Microsoft continues to infuse AI everywhere, soon possibly on our Windows 11 applications and Walmart to...

Microsoft releases first Windows 11 major update

When Windows 11 launched last year, Microsoft announced that, unlike Windows 10, which received two feature updates per year, it would only get one...

Microsoft Unveils New Notepad, Media Player Updates For Windows 11 Insiders

Microsoft is launching new updates to Windows 11 Notepad and Media Player applications that will be accessible to Windows Insiders.

Windows 11 ‘Restore Apps’ Feature Streamlines Setting Up New PCs

Microsoft is coming up with a new ‘Restore Apps’ feature for Windows 11 that will enable users to seamlessly reinstall all of their previously installed apps from the Microsoft Store on a new or recently installed PC.

Hashtag Trending April 5, 2022 – Elon Musk now Twitter’s largest shareholder; new EU law to bring back replaceable batteries; Windows 11 adoptions slows

Files from Tom Li Elon Musk is now the largest Twitter shareholder after his latest stock purchase, a new EU policy brings replaceable batteries back...

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