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Three Tips and Tricks to become a better Web Searcher

Whether you're trying to find the name of a catchy tune that’s picking at your brain, looking for the latest information on the topics...

Yahoo launches more Twitter integration

The planned outsourcing deal with Microsoft hasn't stopped Yahoo improving the search engine's integrating with Twitter. Yahoo users will now see 'tweets' appearing directly in Web search results

How to tell if you

The Internet Storm Center has warned of a malware attack affecting databases. How to see if your site has been hit using a Google search

Microsoft buys FAST to accelerate search wars

The company spends US$1.2 billion to take on the Norwegian enterprise provider of search services. Execs discuss the Sharepoint integration while a Canadian partner reacts to the news

Microsoft’s Ballmer blasts Google’s business strategy

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer criticized rival Google, saying it is devoted primarily to ad-supported search while Microsoft has reinvented itself many times over.

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