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Hashtag Trending June 2 – Elon rebuffs remote work; transport industry a long way away from carbon neutrality; smartphone cameras to rival pro cameras...

Elon Musk dashes remote work, EV uptake is looking good, but needs more traction to reach carbon neutrality, and Sony says smartphone cameras will...

Collision 2019: Fully-autonomous cars coming in 20 years

At Collision Toronto 2019, Tim Stevens of CNET sat down with Zaki Fasihuddin, CEO of Volvo Cars Technology USA; Don Burnette, CEO of Kodiak...

Hashtag Trending – Uber’s fleet of driverless cars, SpaceX sending internet satellites to space in 2019

Uber is forming a fleet of driverless cars, Bitcoin reaches an all-time high, and SpaceX will start sending internet satellites into space in 2019.

Volvo charging up for an all-electric future

Volvo is the first major car manufacturer to commit to phasing out the internal combustion engine (ICE) and embrace electrification.

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