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Vodafone makes world’s first 5G call via satellite

Vodafone has made the world’s first space-based 5G call using an unmodified handset, thanks to a test satellite operated by AST SpaceMobile.

Bell, Verizon, Vodafone conduct first 5G-powered holographic meeting

Bell, Verizon and Vodafone have successfully conducted the first live transatlantic meeting featuring holograms of employees from Toronto, New York, and London, via each...

Vodafone Pilots New ID System For Targeted Ads

Vodafone is working on a new advertising ID system that will function as a persistent user tracker at the mobile ISP level. The advertising ID system called TrustPid works by assigning each customer a fixed ID while linking all user activities to it. Based on this ID, the mobile ISP creates a personal profile and […]

Vodafone to chop Huawei equipment from core of its European wireless network

However, the carrier will still buy Huawei gear for the access part of its network

Ottawa backs Vodafone purchases of BlackBerry products, services

The bulk of EDC's US$850 million loan to Vodafone will go to purchases of BlackBerry products and services

Rogers, Vodafone ink partnership

Deal aimed at improving Rogers' ability to get customers from multinational firms

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