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Is data analytics adding business value for you?

Data analytics is receiving vast amounts of attention in the trade press, on many websites and at conferences. References are even spilling into the...

The winning business case for business intelligence

Business intelligence software has become a more accepted business strategy, but many traps remain in developing a proper strategy around it.

Analytics time has come, so learn how your business can unlock the value

A confluence of factors are making analytics more of a focus today for many organizations, so understanding your own maturity with analytics is important to compete.

Book review: Monetizing your data

The Decision Architecture Methodology covers a large number of topics that will be useful for data analysts and data scientists to consider as they construct data analytics to support decision-making that actually produces revenue.

Channeling the cynicism of BI practitioners

Under-appreciated BI practitioners resort to cynical comments that aren’t helpful or career-enhancing. These diplomatically crafted strategies will enhance your reputation and your career.

Big data is useless without visual analytics

Big Data, with its vast data volumes, is largely useless without the data analytic and presentation functionality found in visual analytic tools. Visualizations are valuable because they display a lot of data in an easy-to-understand visual format that works well for our visually-oriented minds

Analytics trends for 2016

Several interconnected trends in analytics capability are causing companies to advance their analytics efforts in pursuit of competitive advantage. Here are six trends for 2016.

Can visual analytics be the savior of the oil and gas industry?

Read how visual analytics is an under-utilized information analysis technology that can be the savior of the oil and gas industry.

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