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ISPs want

A group of independent Internet providers call on the telecommunications regulator to throw out the current wholesale pricing regime they face. But a group of cable companies says their plan won't work

Bell insists on some form of usage-based billing

Telco tells regulators that it has to have an economic traffic management hold over independent ISPs to deal with network congestion

CRTC starts Internet wholesale pricing hearing

The telecom regulator begins a hearing to hone its unpopular decision on usage-based billing and set wholesale pricing for independent Internet providers so they can offer high-speed access equal to big carriers.

Independent study needed for UBB: Telus

After a cabinet minister and public groups say there

NDP digital platform leaves unanswered questions

Government would forbid usage-based billing, end traffic throttling and ensure all Canadians have high speed Internet access

CRTC sets July date for another UBB hearing

Telecommunications carriers and Internet providers will slug out their differences over wholesale billing publicly this summer when the federal telecommunications regulator holds another public hearing

Businesses hurt by UBB, says public group

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre warns politicians that usage-based billing will end up causing trouble for digital content companies

ISPs may raise rates after CRTC ruling

One industry analyst says the decision on usage-based billing handcuffs the Bell companies. But two independent service providers believe their Internet rates will be affected

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