Articles Related to U.S. Election

Online voting technical issue delays local election results across Ontario

A glitch with an online voting system has delayed the results for many of Monday’s province-wide local elections and forced a number of municipalities...

Hashtag Trending – Users deleting Facebook app; Twitter and Facebook testify before U.S. congress; 2,000 Slack groups

One quarter of Facebook users are deleting the app, Twitter and Facebook testify in front of U.S. congress and, a full list of over...

Hashtag Trending – Google is tracking you at all times; Netflix’s CFO is stepping down; kids hacking election results?

Google is tracking your every move, despite privacy settings, Netflix’s chief financial officer is stepping down after 14 years and kids hacking election results?

Zuckerberg is ‘sorry’ but not stepping down as Facebook restricts data access for developers

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced new restrictions on how developers can scoop data out of the social network and says there's no doubts about his job.

How the U.S. election could have been hacked

A computer scientist lays out the method that could have seen the U.S. election hacked. Unless a ballot recount is requested, we may never know if it was.

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