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IoT in the city

IoT of the future will improve the lives of us city dwellers more dramatically than we anticipate. Here's why.

Rogers gives up on traffic shaping, for now

The controversial Internet practice will start to end next month, the carrier says, after the CRTC alleged it was degrading some residential traffic

Traffic management essential for LTE, summit told

CANADIAN TELECOM SUMMIT 2011: Carriers will have to keep control of what's flowing through their wireless networks or be swamped, according to a mobile data supplier

Traffic throttling rules apply to wireless data: CRTC

The telecom regulator will regulate wireless data services not only for discriminatory practices, but also traffic management. Telus says it isn

Wireless data regulation off the hearing table: CRTC

The wireless industry has scored a win by convincing the federal telecom regulator to limit its look into regulating mobile wireless data services. How far those limits will extend, however, has yet to be determined. One group says traffic management should be included.

Controversial Internet traffic management hearings start today

The leading Internet telcos and cablecos, small ISPs, content creators and consumer groups will square off during six days of testimony before the CRTC. At stake is whether the federal regulator should - or could - impose restrictions on the ability of providers to manage their networksrn

Nortel passes GO with switch

Nortel Networks last month announced the availability of its Passport 8600 Layer 2-7 Switching Platform, which offers customers more comprehensive traffic management and functionality, according to the company.

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