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Third time lucky for Bell, union?

Bell Canada says the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers' Union of Canada (CEP) has recommended the 5,000 craft and services technicians it represents accept the third proposed contract renewal the two sides have negotiated.

Geeks on the Way pour SugarCRM onto Asterisk

A Calgary-based tech support firm has combined customer relationship management software with Digium

Part 2 Spotlight on Combat Camera Department of National Defence

Lieutenant Commander Kent Penney is head of the Combat Camera team, which shows the public through photography and video the work that the Canadian Forces is doing around the world. It is work that is of special significance now with the current campaign in Afghanistan. In Part 1 of InterGovWorld's Spotlight on Penney, he sat down with senior writer Lisa Williams to discuss how he got his start in the Armed Forces, and how Combat Camera is an important tool not just for the media and public, but for members of the military as well. In Part 2, Penney talks about the switch to high-definition, and the amazing assignments that his team covers all over the world.


Teamwork and a common vision were primary reasons behind the success of Roger's complete business transformation

Carleton university project aims to keep aged healthy at home

At Carleton University in Ottawa a multidisciplinary team is working on an entirely different approach to smart houses.

Revitalized Dell promises extraordinary customer experience

The emphasis on novelty notwithstanding, Dell company execs are quick to point out that Dell 2.0 does not constitute a reinvention but rather a revitalization.

From paper trail to patient care

Hospitals should take care of patients, not paper. For many hospitals, however, the manual processes involved in managing the inventory of instruments and tracking them through sterilization cycles are prone to error and can lead to cross-infections.

Lost Packets

Now you can make like Dr. Doolittle and talk to the animals with your cellphone.

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