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Aerohive upgrade streamlines WLAN security

Private PSK is designed to manage encryption keys for devices that do not support 802.1x. How this compared to the Wi-Fi Protected Access shared key

Former Intel exec sets Wi-Fi crowd straight

Vendors of wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment must work much harder to make their products more user friendly and to improve security features, a former Intel Corp. executive said Wednesday.

Tutorial/How-to: WLAN install leaves corporate net open

No matter how much detail one provides to upper management regarding a vulnerability or a security issue, sometimes a technology that isn

No wires, no security, no solution

Spring is in the air, and so is your vital network data. The explosion of wireless networks at home and in the office using 802.11 standards has been a boon to laptop makers and users who dislike being tethered to LANs. But it has also created new security concerns.

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