Articles Related to spyware

Commercial spyware-maker QuaDream to close, say reports

One news story says recent Microsoft and Citzen Lab were the last nails in QuaDream's coffin

RCMP still interested in facial recognition software

Despite criticism that current facial recognition software is biased against people of colour, the RCMP is still interested in the technology, according to the...

RCMP: Spyware only used with court approval

At a parliamentary committee hearing the force admits spyware has been used since before 2012

U.S., Canada urged to toughen fight against commercial spyware

US intelligence agency employees should be banned from joining foreign spyware firms, Citzen Lab researcher tells Congress

Understanding Android Malware Families: file infector and potentially unwanted applications (Article 6)

This article is the last in the UAMF series to understand Android malware families, uncovering prominent file infector and PUA families.

Hashtag Trending – Tech execs react to DACA repeal, Google hiring in China

Tech executives speak out against Donald Trump’s move to end DACA, Google is hiring AI talent in China, and Lenovo fesses up to spyware.

Traditional cyber attacks are seeing a resurgence: Cisco

Cyber attacks have rapidly evolved and increased in magnitude over the last few years, and they are showing no signs of slowing down, according to Cisco’s Midyear Cybersecurity Report, published on July 20.

Canada in spy group looking to leverage mobile vulnerabilities: Report

CBC cites documents from Edward Snowden that Canada and its Five Eyes partners sought to exploit vulnerabilities in the UC browser, Google and Samsung app stores

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