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Cyber crooks exploit recession, social media in ’09

Cybercrime becomes all about building online communities, as crooks step up efforts to take advantage of the global fear over the recession and harness emerging social net technologies to spread malware

Facebook wins $873 million suit against spammer

Spammers set up bogus Facebook pages to harvest user login details

Junk mail rebounds in full colour

Spam messages are getting colourful not to entice users into spammers

Spam watch – U.S. heads the dirty dozen

A recent report by a British computer security firm has placed the United States at the top of its list of 12 spam-relaying countries. While Canada didn't make it on Sophos Plc.'s Dirty Dozen catalogue, one e-commerce expert says the country is far from being squeaky clean.

Unstoppable spam still hitting hard

Since Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corp., sent the first batch of unsolicited e-mails

That’s attackment, not attachment

Two great e-mails came in last month, from both ends of the country. One contained a photograph from snowbound Halifax showing a doorway so packed with snow it was used to chill beer. The second, from Vancouver Island, depicted "West Coast Storm Damage;" it showed a cedar deck sprinkled with raindrops and one plastic chair blown over backwards.

Algonquin College bites back at reams of spam

Rod Martin knew he had a problem on his hands but didn't realize the extent of it.

Algonquin College bites back at spam

Rod Martin knew he had a problem on his hands but didn't realize the extent of it. The manager of network infrastructure with the information technology services group at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Martin began noticing late last year that unwanted e-mail or spam had grown from a small whisper to a loud roar, greatly concerning the college's 35,000 users.

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