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Hashtag Trending April 4, 2022 – Apple’s iPhone hardware subscription service; Meta loses AI scientists; Amazon spent $4.3 million on anti-union consultants

Apple's next move may be an iPhone hardware subscription service, Meta loses top AI scientists, and Amazon has spent over $4 million on consultants...

Hashtag Trending Feb. 16 – FTC robocall investigation compliance; Virgin Galactic wants to sell more space flights; Google Chrome OS Flex

FTC sets harsh rules around robocall compliance, Virgin Galactic opens up its space flight to the public, and Google releases Chrome OS Flex. That’s all...

Hashtag Trending 2021 Holiday Special- Part 1/2

The metaverse, Facebook’s whistleblower, El Salvador adopts bitcoin as legal tender, the race to space and Amazon’s complicated year.    With the new year nearly upon...

One giant leap for blockchain – two organizations team up to document human artifacts on the moon

Humans haven’t mastered space travel, but 413,000 pounds of our stuff has managed to pile up on the moon. That’s why TODAQ Financial and For All Moonkind are partnering up to map the moon and register all human items and sites using blockchain.

Hashtag Trending – Uber’s fleet of driverless cars, SpaceX sending internet satellites to space in 2019

Uber is forming a fleet of driverless cars, Bitcoin reaches an all-time high, and SpaceX will start sending internet satellites into space in 2019.

Lowe’s is out of this world – literally – with its 3D printed tools

You may think Lowe’s is just a hardware store, but with its Innovation Lab, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Reflecting on Canadian innovation and Canada 150

Canada has a long legacy of innovation and prosperity. We have blazed technology trails in every aspect of life, from agriculture to medicine and health care, communications to manufacturing, transportation to space travel, and finance to renewable energy.

Would a laptop really work on Mars?

In box office hit The Martian, we see IT gear operating in the most hostile of environments - space. But could even the most rugged laptop survive?

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