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The future of the Ethernet

Scaling Ethernet to new heights

Canadian broadcaster gets dynamic

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) is 67 years old; judging by the words of one insider, its network feels even older.

Jim Duffy: Be wary of forums and their public relations flackery

The forum concept is a thinly veiled public relations campaign to promote vendor ambitions and expose "non-member" competitors.

Astral Point announces transport node

Astral Point Communications Inc. added Monday a new high-end member to its product line, a modular SONET system that combines dense wave division multiplexing, add/drop multiplexing and digital cross-connect capabilities.

MAN technologies will benefit providers and users

Service providers in the metropolitan-area network arena are in the midst of a technology explosion.

Analysis: Get ready for 10-gigabit Ethernet

Soon, 10-gigabit Ethernet is coming to a network near you, and it will change the way networks are built. While historically Ethernet has been used as an access technology, 10-gigabit Ethernet promises to be the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective aggregation and backbone network technology.

Testing Telecommunications Tributary Signals With Oscilloscopes

The synchronous optical network/synchronous digital hierarchy (SONET/SDH) standards for optical telecommunication networks are the most comprehensive means of implementing transport infrastructures. The increased configuration flexibility and bandwidth availability of SONET/SDH provides significant advantages over older telecommunication systems. However, as the data capacity of SONET/SDH fibre optic telecommunication networks increases, equipment manufacturers, network operators and end consumers would experience significant losses if a system were to fail.

Lucent offers 10 gigabit bandwidth

In a move one analyst described as overdue, Lucent Technologies Inc. recently unveiled a new series of products, the WaveStar 10G product line.

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