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Conquering the Cybersecurity Gap

By Rob Rashotte October is designated for cybersecurity awareness, but guarding against cyberattacks is a 24/7 challenge. According to Fortinet's 2023 Cybersecurity Skills Gap report,...

ILX Group examines steps firms must take to future-proof themselves

Consulting and training company ILX Group has released new research that examines the AI skills gap many leading industries face today, the result of...

Timely solutions to the IT skills gap

With connected technologies reshaping the way we live and work, there’s an acute need for digital talent in sectors ranging from financial services, transportation,...

SAS CEO Jim Goodnight on the importance of education, STEM, and ending the skills gap

TORONTO - SAS CEO Jim Goodnight is no stranger to education initiatives, and during a recent trip earlier in the year to Toronto, ITWC...

Meet Sun Life Financial’s new senior VP of digital transformation

Stevan Lewis says that in his new role, he'll no longer be looking in the rear-view mirror at problems, but straight ahead through the windshield instead.

Avanade CEO on how businesses can tackle the skills gap and accrue talent

Every business dipping its toe into the digital age is worrying about the skills gap. So what can they do to tackle that gap and accrue talent?

Liberals’ Innovation budget gets seal of approval from the tech industry

The 2017 Canadian federal budget was touted as an innovation-first agenda, and to the delight of the technology community, the Liberal government seems to have kept its word.

‘We need to help bridge skills gaps,’ said CEO and Chairman of CIPS

Watch this video interview to hear about how CIPS is looking to appeal to new demographics, including women in the IT field and students studying IT at colleges and universities across the country.

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