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Maximizing Space in the Small Business Server Room

Office space is at a premium for most small businesses, so those that get an actual room in which to put their servers and...

How to Ensure Proper Cooling for IT Equipment in Small Server Rooms and Branch Offices

To function properly, IT gear has operate within certain temperature ranges. If equipment gets too hot or too cold, it could shorten its lifespan...

How to Ensure a Proper Home for IT Equipment in a Small Business Environment

In the day to day scramble of running a small business, it’s difficult to anticipate every requirement. Perhaps that’s why we so often see...

E-mail looks for a secure home

Like diamonds, e-mails are forever. Or at least for three to five years, as more companies implement e-mail archiving regimes to comply with regulatory and legal requirements.

First boosts compliance with hosted e-mail storage

Like diamonds, e-mails are forever. Or at least, it would seem like forever for companies required to implement e-mail archiving - for three to five years - to comply with regulatory and legal requirements. First Associates Investments Inc., a Toronto broker and investment dealer, recently turned to Toronto's Fortiva Inc. for an e-mail archiving system to comply with a bylaw implemented by the Investment Dealers Association of Canada (IDA).

Net managers discover hidden cost of cabling

Randy Grein and Frank Rust each contained their network upgrades to the server room and wiring closet, a strategy that probably saved them each considerable money. Even though the cost of gigabit Ethernet-over-copper hardware has plummeted, there remains another potential expense that is often overlooked in upgrading: the existing cable plant.

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