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How to Ensure Proper Cooling for IT Equipment in Small Server Rooms and Branch Offices

To function properly, IT gear has operate within certain temperature ranges. If equipment gets too hot or too cold, it could shorten its lifespan...

Symantec adds intelligent software management to Altiris

At its ManageFusion event, Symantec Corp. announced the newest version of its management suites for client systems and servers with a focus on better integration and process automation. The benefits to customer MaximumASP

HP prepping all-in-one server mgmt. software

Hewlett-Packard Co. is readying server management software that should give users control of Unix, Linux and Windows machines from a single console, a capability analysts say will be particularly important as businesses consolidate workloads to boost efficiencies in their data centers.

Itanium tries again

Despite Intel Corp.'s confidence over the recent launch of Itanium 2,nanalysts say there are a few hurdles to be cleared before the new 64-bitnprocessors start flying off shelves.

Itanium Tries Again

Despite Intel Corp.

Feature: Virtual teams, real benefits

For years, lottery equipment manufacturer Gtech Corp. allowed its business units free reign in choosing technologies, which led the IT department on a merry-go-round of support for multiple platforms.

Virtual Teams, Real Benefits

IT organizations have found that forming virtual teams

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