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Cybersecurity in the cognitive era: priming your digital immune system

Security leaders are challenged by the complexity of threats and with the speed with which they can respond to them. They are worried about...

How do you solve a problem like Web 2.0?

Websense will intro a new appliance specifically targeted at security threats from applications like Facebook, mash-ups and widgets. Why the volume of user-generated content means a different approach to security

Quebec police arrest 17 suspects in botnet raid

A network of computer hackers caused an estimated $45 million in damages by turning thousands of computers into zombie machines, law enforcement officials say. Sophos searches for IT security lessons

Networks need internal security to be truly safe from harm

The average medieval castle featured layers of defence. Multiple wall rings were constructed so that there was no single intrusion point. However, these walls could be rendered useless by that most unpredictable of enemies: the insider

The e-Government Privacy/Security Continuum

Privacy and security issues have been hearty, if time-consuming, policy dishes at the dinner table of the Lac Carling Congress since its inception. They also figure in the menu of the Public Sector Chief Information Officers Council. Indeed many conferences and learned committees link privacy and security together, and with good reason. Though the two are very different, they have much in common.

Controversial security paper makes public debut

As expected, a controversial scientific paper that describes how to disable security technology for digital audio files was publicly presented for the first time on Wednesday evening at the USENIX Security Symposium held in Washington D.C.


Many network technologies have held the promise of revolutionizing and replacing existing wares. So it was with IP Security (IPSec), a virtual private network (VPN) security technology with integrated support for shared secret key and digital certificate authentication.

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