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Microsoft Security Copilot leverages ChatGPT to help defenders understand attacks

Microsoft has answered the question of what solution providers can do with ChatGPT: Incorporate it into a tool for security analysts. The tool is an...

Most data breaches can be prevented, says industry study

Over 740 million personal data records held by corporations and governments were exposed in 2013, says an industry association that believes almost all of...

Rules of engagement for cyberwarfare

There are international laws covering the invasion of other countries. But what about attacks over the Internet? A think tank looks at what in and out of the law

U.S., British leaders condemn Internet censorship

LONDON CYBERSPACE CONFERENCE: Joseph Biden attacks unnamed countries interfering in freedom of expression, warning some nations want control over the Internet

SCADA vulnerabilities prompt U.S. warning

If the systems are connected to the Internet, hackers could find ways to exploit them to steal or manipulate data.rnrn

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