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Researchers to CIOs: Patch your BIOS to avoid new attack

The LightEater attack could compromise your systems at unprecedented levels

Networked devices vulnerable due to UPnP flaws

Vulnerabilities in the plug and play protocol can allow attackers to remotely control devices such as IP cameras, routers, printers and smart TVs, according to security researchers

Montreal student expelled for finding security flaw

Dawson College student who blew whistle on college

New Microsoft security hole stretches wide

Microsoft Corp. released a critical software update Tuesday to patch a security hole in a common Windows component that could allow malicious hackers to place and run their own code on machines running the Windows operating system.

Microsoft’s Help System needs help

I've been writing about PCs for more than 20 years. So you'd think I'd have this technical stuff down pat. But as I research Microsoft Corp. security flaws month after month, I often scratch my head trying to figure out what the company's bulletins really mean.

Israeli experts pinpoint more holes in IE

Flaws in several versions of Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer Web browser could allow an attacker to read files or run arbitrary code on a user's system, an Israeli Web application company warned Tuesday.

S&P security holes may reveal e-commerce hazards

Alleged security flaws in an on-line service offered by a unit of Standard & Poor

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